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March 2, 2006,
TNE! on March 2, hosted by the Freak Dogs was quite a smash. In attendance was Tex [FD], KIV, Lithium, Fnork f/d dropped by for a short while. Started off in Over The Hill with weapons; made for an interesting race. Then we moved on to Hillclimb in Grapplers and enjoyed some 4x'n. Then we took off to Boondocks where we raced for quite some time, and finally ended at Gas Wars where tex decided to desert me...but thats besides the point. Was great fun. Try and make it to next weeks TNE! hosted by FD, EVERY thursday night at 7pm Pacific. .

Wing Nut *OOA*

February 27, 2006, Well folks looks like its been a while since anyone as put any news here...probably because nobody reads it, hehe. well if you're reading this and you have lived in a cave for the last 6 months, The Octane Outlaws Association has become a reality. We are a full blown automotive club with a Jeep Division, Fullsize division, Street Division, Sand Division, and a Motorcycle Division. You can click on the "forum" link to visit the site or just type in Thanks for visiting the Interstate 76 site and please check out the gallery.

Wing Nut *OOA*

2001-Well this is what is was, the gang is dead and the interstate series are still holding on with not as many players as it was...Enjoy the site, but dont expect any updates.

10/5 - Well folks. It's me, Wing Nut. I am going to attempt a take over of the webmaster position. It will be interesting since what I have done here just recently, was done minutes after I learned it. Look for more changes and some cool stuff (if I can figure it out) in the future.
Till next time...Cruise The Interstate, Late
Wing Nut *OOA*

9/9 - My job is taking up most of my already little time, so i gotta give the up my webmaster job on this page. If anyone are interested, contact icq and email adress is at the contact page....


18/8 - Tombstone retired from the been a blast man..

9/8 - Contact page updated

8/8 - CoUMa added member profile for Bullitt

5/8 - CoUMa added member profile for Stryker and Labora.

Finally all members got a profile.................

31/7 - Added banner to the Top Sites of I82, a rank system that is made by Stormbringer. Maybe it is more stable than the rank system the have....

25/7 - CoUMa added member profile for Crazymudd. is down (again). 

And CoUMa realizes that he is the only one from Europe........yet.

24/7 - CoUma added icq# and e-mail adresses on the contact page. You can view it here

23/7 - CoUMa added member profile for our beloved leader  Mr. Wing Nut, and set up a new guestbook (that can handle that visitors view the guestbook without visitors have to post in it) and a counter that have some more features.

BTW,  i checked in on the top '82 sites.....this page was rated nr.9......I guess somebody really love us.......

16/7 - CoUMa added 404 for members who are to LAZY to give out their profile

15/7 - CoUMa added member profile for Tombstone and changed font on the site

15/7 -  HEY GUYS!!!! We are in the 19th place on the top'82 interstate sites over at TO GO      <--CoUMa-->

12/7 - CoUMa added member profile for himself

5/7 - CoUma added member profile page, and a profile for Lazyrider*OOA*

28/6 - Wingnut added some links to tha links page

26/6 - CoUMa does some more changes and some updates here and there.

21/6 - CoUMa sets up a forum, and does some minor changes and updates on the site

xx/5 - Tombstone get this site up and running.



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